It is easy to learn the rules of poker! It takes only a few notes before you understand the game play, including the bidding and know what cards make up a winning hand. Many beginners play the poker game Texas Hold'em. This game variant is the father of all poker games and by far the most popular and easiest option. But remember! Like all first-class games to play Texas Hold'em is indeed easy, but hard to master.
It was up to market opening in June 2010, the only place you could officially play money poker. The casinos offer to play many variants of poker, and you can watch the dealer here in the eye. Here are most of the time great players, fans or simply because it is the very essence of poker that is represented. The face to face with the other players can apply methods of psychology, read the reactions on the faces, etc.

The online poker rooms: For many years, molt companies have developed software to play poker on the internet. Since late June 2010, play online poker at in France is legal and regulated, but it was already possible to do before, at a time when the activity was tolerated because of a legal vacuum surrounding this activity. You can browse through different legal sites in  our section of online poker rooms, where you will find our selection of good sites to play online.

Poker with friends: This is a very fashionable distraction, like poker in general, and simply provide yourself with a briefcase containing poker chips and a rug to begin to share moments with your friendly friends, enjoy the game, or even indulge yourself in small "competition" with those around you. As in casinos, poker for real has the advantage of seeing your opponents.

This is also the only place where your party may escalate and turn into strip poker, hoping for you that you have taken the time to choose your guests! This is a free poker game that you play without downloading on our website directly in your browser. A window opens to give you access to play without downloading the game and is completely free. It is quite impossible to bet money on our site. The rake-back helps us in times of loss, because of course you can not always win, and increase our earnings in good times. We always try the online poker room that offers the best advantages in this respect. It is an important factor by which we can not ignore.
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